Touch Pen SPEED
Touch Pen Multitool

The multifunctional Touch pen now also unscrews, measures, navigates and signs all kinds of documents.

Touch Pen TRIPLE 3-in-1
Touch Pen Mini

The Wedo® Touch Pen Mini is just as functional as its big brother.

Pioneer Touch Pen

Conductive stylus with ballpen for all smartphones and tablet PCs, such as Apple iPhone & iPad.

Touch Pen Newbie

The ideal companion for an exact navigation on all touch screens. With a soft rubber touch screen tip on top it makes typing, gaming and drawing apps a breeze.

Tablet Pen 3 for all

The WEDO® Tablet Pen 3 for all is a multi purpose pen. On one side it’s a ballpoint pen and on the other side a tablet pen, compatible with iPads, iPhones, Kindles, Android tablets, smartphones ...