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Tradition and modernity - we are grateful for 90 years of WEDO®, but how do we want to continue, what do we want to leave behind?
Sustainability is the topic ...
and sustainable packaging has been a matter of course for us when introducing new products for years. For all existing products, we are voluntarily and consistently making a gradual changeover, true to our motto "We do it!".
For example, for our important product group of safety cutters and cutters, we have already range to cardboard packaging and, above all, reduced the volume of packaging by approx. reduced the volume of packaging by around 65%. 
This has enabled us to reduce CO2 consumption for this extensive product group accordingly.  For us, sustainability also means not simply throwing existing things not simply throw things overboard, but to use them up carefully and therefore and that is why you may still receive one or two products in their old product in its old "dress" during the transition phase.
Our aim is not to use any plastics in the packaging. This does not always work and not for all products. It goes without saying that we also endeavour that everything arrives undamaged. We are constantly search for environmentally friendly alternatives in packaging materials as well as in product manufacture and selection. One component of our "We do it!" concept relates to our own way of working and living. In the course of digitalisation, we have reduced our paper consumption by 40% since 2019, we carefully separate waste, we have replaced the first company cars in the field service with vehicles and since last year our roof has been a small solar power plant that supplies the electricity for us and our charging stations. We drink mineral water from glass bottles from the spring next door and and the WEDO bee meadow on our premises is growing and thriving... is not enough, we know, but it is a start and a change in thinking.
We do it!