for 9,7 - 10,5 Tablets

Elegance 8"

for 7.9"-8.4" tablets

The mix of high quality artificial leather and textured nylon gives the organizer an elegant look.

Amiga 10"

for 9.7"-10.5" tablets

The elegantly quilted design and fine grained leather look express the top quality and modern appearance of this iPad organizer.

Elegance 10"

for 9.7"-10.5" tablets

The flexible mounting mechanism fixes all the tablets with a length of 240-266 mm and a width of 170-186 mm safely and securely.

Elegance A4

for 9.7"-10.5" tablets

The practical, multi-functional equipment with detachable 4-ring mechanism provides additional space for an A4 writing pad, accessories, pen and cards.